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Make Nutrition Coaching Political

Nutrition is a starting point for a lot of people on their health and wellness journey. Not everyone is ready to exercise or start moving today. But everyone is eating already…not always the best things but they’re already in that process. So when people think about how to make some...


What do we mean about lack of access to Health and Fitness?

When we think of a community having lack of access to health and fitness, its more than just a shortage of clinics or recreational facilities, thats part of it. But really the access we are talking about is more systematic and in fact profit driven. Understanding this point, lets us...


Is our Social Justice movement physically fit to make change?

here has been a wave of protest that have spread across the country in response to the violent murders of Eric Garner and Mike Brown by police who were later not indicted for the killings. These protest have been very militant, impassioned, energetic and have sparked a movement, primarily cause...