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Training Program [April-May]

As my early spring training program comes to an end I’m putting out my upcoming program that starts on April 15th. This is another 6 week program but with a focus on strength development in foundational body weight movements and bringing back heavy deadlifting into my routine. I am still...


New Training Program [March-April]

Check out the new program I’ll be putting myself through from March 01 – April 18th. Its a six-week program that is focused on developing strength while increasing my running skill and hip mobility. There are two major reasons I want to share my program 1) hopefully giving you a...


What is a Fitness Journal

Most people train with some kind of goal in mind, whether its to lose weight, feel a certain way or fit into a certain cloths size. And the more precise and realistic your goals, the more likely you are able to obtain them and push for even greater goals. Along...