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Training Program [April-May]

As my early spring training program comes to an end I’m putting out my upcoming program that starts on April 15th. This is another 6 week program but with a focus on strength development in foundational body weight movements and bringing back heavy deadlifting into my routine. I am still...


New Training Program [March-April]

Check out the new program I’ll be putting myself through from March 01 – April 18th. Its a six-week program that is focused on developing strength while increasing my running skill and hip mobility. There are two major reasons I want to share my program 1) hopefully giving you a...


The Yoga Men of Color Project

The Yoga Men of Color project was something me and my good friend Jirod Greene had been discussing for a few months. And then on October 1, 2014 we decided to kick it off with a daily asana challenge on Instagram. Since then we’ve had a lot of fun developing...