As part of my 300 day journal to my August 12th 2017 Level 3 certification for MovNat. They haven’t release the exact date but this is typically the weekend of the year that it occurs in New Mexico. I formally began this training on October 16, 2016. Find out more about this journal here.

As part of this journey I’ve also recently developed a 12-week Natural Movement training program for the Revolutionary Fitness People’s Trainers. To test out the new program I’m going through it myself starting November 1st and running me through until the beginning of February. Find out more about the program here and check out the first month of training here.

Today’s workout was as follows;

Workout 1 (week one)
Notes: Start with a joint mobility warmup, use heaviest KBs you can accomplish reps with and move at a moderate pace (I ended up using two 24KGs and went for 20 mins of work this week)
Deadlifts – 5 reps
Forward Balancing Hang Carry 16 ft
Tripod Transition – 5@ reps
Balancing Foot-Hand Crawl 16 ft (5 swings per step-off)
Double Clean & Press – 5 reps
*step-off swings
AMRAP 20-35 mins