In October of 2014 I stopped using deodorant and I never plan on using it again. This is something I have been trying to do for a few years but keep falling off on my efforts. And no I didn’t stop using deodorant to save money or start giving off more pheromones, even though those are definitely some added benefits haha. But believe it or not deodorants are extremely dangerous and contribute to many hormonal imbalances.

Why do we sweat and why it is vital for health

People view sweating as something that is some how, a sign of bad hygiene, when in actuality this effort to not sweat as much using antiperspirant is halting your bodies natural cleansing process. Sweat happens for a bunch of reasons, the most common one is that it helps with body temperature. When our bodies get hot, we sweat to cool our bodies down.Sweating is one of the bodies major ways to cleanse itself naturally.But the more overlook reason on why we sweat is because it is one of the bodies major ways to cleanse itself naturally. All toxins and negative agents that enter our body through pollution, poor diet, chemicals our skin is exposed to, are cleaned out through sweating.

When you apply the antiperspirant deodorant not only do they contain two major chemicals aluminum and parabens, but they begin to clog that armpit area where some of the major sweat glands and lymph nodes are located. There has been tons of studies on the dangers of the aluminum and parabens found in deodorants and how they might tied to breast cancer, but we hear less about this “clogging up” process.

That deodorant might be the cause of your weaken immune system

In addition to messing with your cleansing process and clogging up glands in your armpits (parabens are endocrine disruptors, so basically a chemical to halt the function of your Apocrine glands, causing hormonal damage), deodorant also damages Lymph Nodes in your armpit. These are part of the lymph system, a network of vessels and organs throughout the body. This network carries fluids that contain special white blood cells called lymphocytes between the body tissues and the blood which all supports your immune system.

When lymph nodes are damaged daily, like is the case when you use deodorant, they become inflamed, swollen and malfunction. This leaves our bodies open to infections and are the most common sites where cancer tumors develop.

Bad smelling odor is not a natural thing and you need to deal with it

The most common reason people give for wearing deodorant, in the face of knowing all of this science about the damage it can do, is because we just don’t want to smell bad. But in actuality the sweat and fluids that come out from our sweat glands are actually naturally odorless. So why do folks smell?

Well there are two common causes for bad smell. 1) the food we consume effects our scent; the more processed foods, cook foods and meats you consume, the more toxins you will have in your body and in turn make you smell.if you smell its a sure sign that your not eating clean and you need to address your diet.So if you smell its a sure sign that your aren’t eating clean and you need to address your diet. 2) when our sweat mixes with any strange bacteria on our skin, it can develop a smell; so make sure you clean yourself well and you are not using any chemical based clothing detergent that is leaving weird substances on your skin.

What are some natural alternatives?

There is tons of great information out there on good natural alternatives, so I wont’ reinvent the wheel here. But the three main things that I personally have been doing are;

1) Use a mineral salt alternative like the crystal. This deodorant alternative is free of the two chemicals I spoke about earlier and is also free of alcohol which is found in a lot of the other deodorant alternatives. The only thing I would say about this option, is if you think it will act the same way your deodorant worked, it won’t. You’ll still sweat and if you are full of toxins you’ll still smell.

2) Dry brush your lymph nodes daily. I can do a whole article on Dry Brushing and the benefits, but basically this is a quick daily process of brushing off the dry skin and toxins, especially around areas like the armpits where you have a bunch of lymph nodes. This helps with cleaning of body toxins and also normalizes the bodies natural cleansing process.

3) Just don’t use deodorant at all and if you start smelling clean yourself. Most days I just don’t use anything at all and after a few months I almost never have a weird body odor. If I do, I know its because I ate some garbage the day before and/or I need to just clean my armpits with some fresh water.

The science is still out about the dangers of deodorant, so many will challenge some of the dangers I’ve listed in this article. But honestly I’ve always aired on the side of, “if I don’t need it naturally, why am I using/consuming it?”. So if naturally I can regulate my lymph nodes, my sweating patterns, my Apocrine glands, my immune system and avoid putting foreign chemicals on my body…why wouldn’t I?

Let me know what your thoughts are on deodorant and if you use any cool alternatives.