On April 14th I drank my last cup of coffee for the next 21 days, the longest stretch of my adult life “coffee-free”. Some of the main motivations were that I wanted to see what affect coffee has/hasn’t been having on my health and fitness. As a health and fitness professional I’m always researching new ways and strategies to optimize my health. And even though I have read hours upon hours of research on coffee’s benefits and drawbacks, I can’t really conceptualize something until I experience it personally.

I’m also currently in a pretty intense training program where I’m actively trying to get stronger but at the same time perform better at running, I have a half marathon coming up in June. This is the first time I’ve been on a rigorous running program for nearly a decade. So during this training I want to make my body’s recovery time as optimal as possible.

IMG_0696Now I can’t say I am 100% positive that cutting coffee out of my life will drastically affect my health but I’m definitely conscious of a physical reliance on consuming coffee every day. And I know my adrenal glands are highly affected by all this coffee consumption. One of the major keys to optimizing ones health is through hormonal balance and optimization. So this leads me to conclude that I have to figure out if taking coffee out of the equation will help me in anyway.

So its day three of my detox and I honestly have not been feeling many of the usual symptoms that I deal with when I take a few days off from coffee, primarily headaches. Which is a nice relief haha. What I have been experiencing though is an overall fatigue. Its like when I took out all the artificial adrenal stimulants my body just wasn’t dealing with regular exertion properly. I believe this will be a short lived experience but the exercise scientist in me finds it to be promising. It shows me that coffee definitely has been having a bigger affect on my body than I thought and gives me deeper insight on the subject. I’ll keep posting my progress.

If you have any questions about my experience and want any details on exactly what I’ve been doing day to day, feel free to hit me up in the comments section below.